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Improve Profits with Manufacturing Optimisation


Manufacturing engineering expertise that improves efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Improving Manufacturing Efficiency and Profitability

Total Productivity Solutions (TPS) helps manufacturers improve productivity with business optimisation project services.

Using a combination of manufacturing engineering and project management expertise, we provide SME manufacturers with solutions to cost-effectively and sustainably improve commercial operations. 

We add value by bringing extensive production expertise and diverse project experience to deliver solutions that improve productivity, reduce manual labour, reduce production wastage and improve work-flow.

Applying manufacturing engineering & operational excellence expertise with change management principles we create solutions that increase productivity and profitability. 

This blend of Best-in-Class lean methodologies like Six Sigma, Toyota’s Total Production System® and Mission Directed Work Teams®, project engineering and transformational change enables us to create solutions that increase productivity and profitability.

When combined with our highly effective “Experiential Learning” techniques we quickly increase employee self-direction capability to improve ROI.

Manufacturing Optimisation - 3D Factory Layout plan.
3D Factory Layout plan

Typical assignments


How we’ve helped


Our approach

Process Improvement - TPS Ltd


Our ideal clients

Are struggling to maintain profitability, 

Are frustrated by market volatility,

Are struggling to provide good service due to skills and labour shortages

Need to make wide-spread improvements across the whole business and require an integrated solution-focused approach.

Businesses our consultants helped

Total Productivity Solutions has a strong heritage in delivering value and expertise to businesses across many different sectors.

TPS Ltd. Total Productivity Solutions Ltd.
TPS Ltd. Total Productivity Solutions Ltd.


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