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How we have improved other businesses

case studies

Here you can view some case studies for some innovative manufacturing solutions we have developed already.

Manufacturing solutions - Warehouse Layout improvements

Examples solutions we have developed for the others businesses

Covid Response Start-up - PPE Mask Manufacturer in the USA.
COVID response start-up project​

Client: PPE Mask manufacturer, USA

Fruit conveyor punnet - Lean Process Design & Optimisation for Fresh Fruit Producer.veyor punnet
Lean Process Design & Optimisation

Client: Fresh Fruit Processor, UK

Apple grading and Packing Line - Manufacturing Optimisation Solutions by TPS Ltd.
Production Expansion & Modernisation

Client: Fruit and Produce Packing, UK

Warehouse Design and fulfillment optimisation, part of our Supply Chain and Distribution Solutions at TPS Ltd.
Warehouse & Fulfilment Optimisation

Client: General Trading, Middle East

lean process design optimisation - TPS Ltd
Production & Factory Layout Design

Client: Beverage Manufacturer, UK

TPS Ltd. Total Productivity Solutions Ltd.
TPS Ltd. Total Productivity Solutions Ltd.


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